Useful links

This section is in constant evolution.
Its aim it is simply that of sharing interesting resources or reading I found in my digital wandering.
I hope you may find some of them interesting!


Web design/development

  • Tania Rascia’s website, is a great source of well written and clear information on how to do things.
  • CSS colors. From Mozilla website a quick reference to CSS colors, keyword and hexadecimal number.
  • Programmableweb. A very useful APIs directory.
  • Kong (formerly Mashape). Microservice APIs management.


General purpose

  • Stackoverflow. Life-saving forum. The answers to many of your questions are already there, other way just ask!
  • Unicode character table, allows you to browse for specific characters. Very useful if you need the html code or the Unicode number of a certain character. It saved me loads of time.
  • GitHub. It shouldn’t need presentation. Worldwide platform for software sharing and collaborative coding.


Tools for graphics and publishing

  • LaTeX project website. It contains some general information and downloads.
  • Tables generator. An online editor to create tables. I used it mostly for LaTeX, but it also offers html and other formats.
  • ShareLaTeX. An editor.
  • Dribbble. Designers’ portfolios.


Coding / learn to code

  • DB browser for SQLite. The official page of the DB browser for SQLite, a nice graphic interface to play with your db.
  • freeCodeCamp. Well known website, offering courses on some common languages (mostly web oriented).
  • Codecademy. Free and paid course for a range of things from CSS and HTML to Java, Python, JS, etc.
  • Codewars. Allows you to practice in a language of your choice with tasks of increasing difficulty.
  • Coursera. Is a large platform which allows you to attend courses on almost everything. Content created by academic exprert/teachers. It is possible to earn certificates. It is actually how I started coding on Python!