Libro 1.0

What’s Libro?

“Libro” (‘book’ in Esperanto and Italian) is one of my current projects.

“Libro” is a software designed to record and manage book collections and provides tool for different sorts of researches in the resulting catalogue.

A software like “Libro” implies a number of advanced features.
Currently, Libro is designed to provide a number of functions based on the use of the Dewey decimal, but the software works equally well if the user decides not to use these features.

Photo by Abhi Sharma

The features of final release of Libro will include:

  • Creation of authors
    • this includes the automatic creation of a unique ‘signature’ for each author and the creation of a unique triletteral code used for the decimal Dewey
  • Creation of books
    • including data about: year of edition, language, number of pages, ISBN (10 or 13), catalogue number, library code.
  • Creation of publishers
    • including data about: city and stateLibrary of Congress Code (LCC)
  • Dewey decimal
    • This includes: management of classes and subclasses, the creation of a ‘signature’ of class + subclass.
  • Research in the catalogue by: author’s name (or parts), title (or parts), publisher, year, ISBN, LCC, Dewey class, Dewey class.subclass, library code.
  • Access to the API of allowing for the search of a book and its input in the catalogue through the ISBN reference.

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