In this page you will find a brief selection of my publications (books and papers).

In 2007, following my long-term interest for music and preservation, I wrote the book Piccola guida alla conservazione e all’uso dei dischi a 78 giri (‘Brief guide to the conservation and use of 78 rpm records’), that you can still find here.

This little guide, despite its quite specialized content, has had a good success and has been used, among more prestigious references, by the curators of sound collections in some libraries in Europe and has received favourable reviews by readers.
It contains, as the title suggests, an introductions to how store, clean, use and play 78rpm records (the guide does not focus on vinyl records), with some mode advanced notions about cartridge cabling, playback equipment and equalization curves.


During my career as PhD student in sociology I had the chance to take part to many stimulating international conferences and to deliver some talks about my research activity.

The focus of the majority of those papers – as well as that of my dissertation – was on the consequences of ecological thinking on society. Here are some of them…


• Bellafiore, A. ‘Ricognizione sul fondo Favara-Tiby’ (Survey on the Favara-Tiby archive). Proceedings of the National Academy for Sciences, Literature and Arts of Palermo, Vol. VI(1) p.313-319.

• Giglietto, F., Mazzoli, L., Orefice, M., Bellafiore, A. ‘Understanding the Online News Consumer: A Comparative Study Between Italy and United States’.

• Bellafiore, A. ‘Ecology of Ideas & ecology’s ideas’. Kybernetes, 42 (9-10), p. 1338-1345.

• Bellafiore, A. ‘La coesione sociale nello stato ecologico’ (Social cohesion in the ecological state). Studi di sociologia, (3-4), p. 329-336.

• Bellafiore, A. ‘The technology of transcendence’. Paper presented at the conference ‘Nature, Technology and Religion – Transdisciplinary Perspectives’ held in Sigtuna (Sweden), May 22nd-25th, 2013.


• Bellafiore, A. ‘Media and ecological consciousness’. In Power, Justice and Citizenship: The Relationships of Power, edited by Darian McBain, Inter-Disciplinary Press, Oxford, p. 161-172