BCfm Radio


In this section I am glad to host the extra materials relative to the mini series of interviews on “Mafia and Mafie“, broadcast on Bristol Community FM Radio, within the weekly episode of Backchat.

Here you will find – divided by episode – links to the episodes, references to the music played, original lyrics and their translations, as well as other useful resources.

  •  Episode I – “Mafia or mafie?”
    • Listen to the episode of 29/4/2018 (from 17′ of streaming).
    • Marsalisa” from the album “SICILIANE, The Songs of an Island” by Laboratorio ‘600 and Pino De Vittorio. Franco Pavan theorbo, Ilaria Fantin archlute, Kateřina Ghannudi harp, directed by Vania Cauzillo.
  • Episode II – The birth of “Cosa Nostra”
  • Episode III – Power to the people