About me

In my rich and varied professional experience I really have had many roles in many different contexts.
At first this may look inconsistent, but, actually, there is a very strong link between the many things I have done:
the ability to learn, to experiment, to cross-contaminate knowledge, to undertake new challenges.

I have learnt how to learn and renew my skills, expand my perspective and creatively use my knowledge.

Things can be done in two ways: using the obvious solutions, constrained within the boundaries of the minimum necessary, or adding something new to it, some times unexpected. I’m all for the second option, providing to my clients richer insights and multi-faceted expertise.

So, who am I? What have I done?
Here’s an answer (well, two… one more discursive, one shorter if you are in a rush!)

I have a vast background in sociology and communication studies, which led me to know about corporate communication and marketing strategies. In the end, this culminated in a PhD in Sociology of communication.
This experience allowed me to experience for a few years the exciting and stimulating life of the researcher.

But I have not be working only in academia, quite the opposite!
For different clients I worked as copywriter, events manager, graphic designer, ever acquiring new competences and accepting one challenge after the other.

Events have been a recurring element in my professional experience: I worked for early music festival, conference management, stage management and sound engineering for a season of contemporary music… I even had a interesting and humanly satisfying parenthesis in the catering and banqueting industry.

Later on I further expanded my skills in the education sector, achieving a PGCE at the University of Bristol. In this way I experimented the good and bad sides of teaching in secondary schools (where I taught languages).

Coding has arrived comparatively late in my professional experience but it has been growing rapidly and steadily; and I reckon that my activity as software developer has enormously benefited of my previous experiences who taught me learning skill, analytical and creative thinking.

At the moment I’m mostly working with Python and using a range of magic stuff like API,SQL database, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, and some unusual options like LaTEX. But this is just the beginning! Any new project and new client brings the need to learn something new! You can see more in the Projects and Portfolio sections.

In many jobs I complete I find myself using elements that many other people would think unrelated at first, that something more that, in the end, adds extra quality to the outcome. Those elements come from who I am and from what I have seen and done along the way.

Maybe I can put my skills and that little extra in your project!

Ok. Here is very short version of my skills and qualifications!

  • BA in communication studies                                 
  • MA in communciation studies
  • Qualification as sound engineer
  • PhD in Sociology of communication
  • PGCE in Modern Foreign Languages
  • Many courses on coding